New England Patriots

Tom Brady and Bill Belichick needed each other to win as much as they did together. But now that Brady’s won a seventh ring with Tampa Bay, the debate is starting to get silly.

The whole Brady-Belichick debate is the central topic of this week’s episode, but first Matt and Ty banter about sandwiches, weird vacation spots, and bad smells that they actually enjoy. Then they dive into the Super Bowl and how it felt to watch Brady and Rob Gronkowski light it up and win for another team, as well as where things stand now with the Patriots in the “competition” (13:39). Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs have been anointed the next GOAT and the next dynasty far too early (18:32).

We go through some of the craziest takes we’ve heard as the Brady-Belichick debate spirals out of control (39:20). Belichick desperately needs to find another good quarterback so he can prove the Patriots weren’t all about Brady, but the Patriots also have plenty of other moves to make on the roster (47:39). They close out the show with some Bruins talk and a very positive outlook on the team’s youth movement so far this season (1:16:53).

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