New England Patriots

By Matt Dolloff,

Watch above to re-live some classic “Mean Tweets” directed toward Bucs quarterback Tom Brady. The guy has been so successful for so long that Jimmy Kimmel found enough tweets to devote an entire segment to him.

You’ve seen some of these before – like the one about his dog. That’s just an a-hole comment. But in reality all of these people are stupid a-holes. Only stupid a-holes communicate to other human beings this way. Now all the stupid a-holes are packaged in one video.

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Twitter is without question the worst public place on the internet and the scourge of the human race. So it’s no surprise that even the most successful and likable public figures in the world, like Brady, can be the subject of such hateful comments. People hate winners. It’s only a matter of time before they turn on Patrick Mahomes.

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