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By Matt Dolloff,

On this episode of This Week In Watson: Chaos in Houston! A quarterback betrayed! And a VP consumed by the throes of absolute power.

Every time we check in on the Deshaun Watson saga on Monday morning, it sounds like the Texans are even closer having no choice but to trade their franchise quarterback. Now we have Adam Schefter tweeting that Watson has “played his last snap for the team” and reporting that Watson’s frustrations go all the way to the top with owner Cal McNair. If you want a deeper dive, Jenny Vrentas and Greg Bishop at SI have you covered.

Never mind the team’s hiring of former Patriots director of player personnel, Nick Caserio to be their GM, which appeared to give Watson a “more of the same” vibe. And there’s the rise of Jack Easterby, who by all accounts has been at the center of a strange, messy episode in Houston. It may turn out, however, that in Houston it’s McNair that turns out to be the “Big Bad” of this show all along.

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With every passing day, every new cryptic tweet, it feels more like Watson really does want his way out. The Texans should still be able to haul in the king-iest of king’s ransoms in a Watson trade. And no, that trade probably wouldn’t happen with New England. But a Watson trade is worth covering because it would dramatically alter the landscape of the league, regardless of his destination.

Schefter’s report once again mentioned the Dolphins as a strong possible trade candidate for the Texans. Watson has reportedly expressed interest in playing in Florida. It sounds like the next episode of This Week In Watson could be the big climax, so we’ll be sure to keep our eye on the situation for you.

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