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The NHL has added corporate sponsors to its new divisions. (Credit: NHL)

By Matt Dolloff,

The NHL added corporate sponsors to its new divisions and people are mad on the internet.

Obviously the latter point is a tradition as old as time. It’s fitting, because the internet has rotted our brains so much we think time began when we woke up this morning and we have the memory of goldfish. Every new Twitter villain quickly becomes yesterday’s trash and every day there’s a new thing to complain about. Not me. I complain about angry internet people every day.

One of today’s hot topics is the NHL adding corporate sponsorships to its temporarily realigned divisions. Watch the hell out. This is just a slippery slope toward logos on sweaters, logos on the ice. Don’t tell me they’re doing this to the Bruins’ reverse retros!

I’m no corporate shill, either. It’s not like I’m thrilled that the NHL is trotting out the Scotia North Division, the Honda West Division (shoutout to the 2013 Civic), the Discover Central Division (shoutout to people’s debt), and the MassMutual East Division. (Here’s who resides in each division, by the way.)

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Let’s be fair. In a normal year, this would make most of us understandably queasy. But something like this would be much less likely in a normal year, anyway. And no, 2021 is not necessarily going to be a great year just because it isn’t 2020.

I’m not one to hit people with the “But there’s starving children!” fallacy. Why argue about anything ever, at that point. But in a time like this, when we should feel fortunate to have hockey back in the first place, it’s hard to get too worked up about some corporations shoveling some cash onto the NHL’s pile. What business isn’t trying to recoup losses? The ones that are lucky enough to still be open, that is?

Just let the NHL make their money and enjoy the games. This is a league that was willing to cancel an entire season, so this feels like an acceptable compromise. I’m not the only one saying this, but it needs to be said.

If you’re that upset about this, then it’s possible you don’t have enough actual things to worry about. Let’s just be happy hockey is happening at all.

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