Matt Dolloff and Ty Anderson are back for a Thanksgiving edition of the Sports Hub Sidelines podcast. The big long weekend is on the horizon and Matt & Ty are indeed fans of Thanksgiving, so some turkey talk is a must. The guys go over their favorite things about Thanksgiving to start the podcast, and why debating the best and worst side dishes is a pointless exercise.

Eventually the guys segue into the Patriots and their disappointing loss to the Texans. What did that loss prove about the team? And what are their chances of beating Kyler Murray and the Cardinals?

Matt & Ty mix in some banter about fake Patriots fans and AC/DC before switching gears to hockey. Connor McDavid’s new house is weird-looking and creepy, so the guys have some thoughts on that. The Bruins have re-signed Jake DeBrusk, but is the organization taking the right approach in the winger’s development? Finally, the guys pay tribute to former Bruin Johnny Boychuk on the day it’s announced that he will be forced to retire due to an eye injury.

To close out the Thanksgiving episode, Matt circles back for an interesting thought: if you were in charge of Thanksgiving, what would you serve? Both guys are swapping out the turkey for something else, with some of their own original choices mixed in.

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