By Joe Murray, 98.5 The Sports Hub

I’m not a politics guy, as many of our listeners would hear a loud “OUT!” when it comes to talking politics. So let’s talk sports betting, more like sports betting in Massachusetts.

Sports fans are driving to New Hampshire or Rhode Island to place wagers either in person or on mobile apps. Massachusetts sports fans are losing their minds, while bordering states are reaping all the benefits! (Wedding Singer Reference)

An amendment to legalize sports wagering in Massachusetts was rejected AGAIN. State Senator Patrick O’Connor called it “free money,” and he’s right. Bordering states will take our bets and Massachusetts won’t?

Let’s be real, people are betting on sports already in Massachusetts, and not driving to states where it is legal. They are using their phone with offshore sports betting apps and sites. The sports betting companies are basically saying “please tax us.”

I bet on sports, you bet on sports, they bet on sports, so let’s make it legal.

Times are tough and I read about economic relief often. How does $20 million – $35 million sound? Those are some of the estimates for annual revenue for sports betting.

There are two casinos in Massachusetts and they bring in $21 million each MONTH in their parlors. Imagine around $50 million a year in tax money! That’s revenue from an activity that nearby states have already approved, not to mention the State House legalized sports betting in its economic development bill. But the Senate, they are OUT!

In a recent interview with Channel 7 WHDH, Senator Marc Pacheco said “I am very concerned that we are going to be missing the boat on this.”

Sports is one of the most important things to Massachusetts residents, if you’re looking for economic relief then lean on the sports fans to deliver like their sports teams.

Sports betting can still be legalized this year if it’s included in the economic development bill being considered right now. The House included sports betting legislation in their version of the bill. The Senate has been non-committal. Pressure needs to be put on the Senate.

It’s been two and a half years since the Supreme Court ruled that states could legalize sports betting. Since then, more than twenty states have moved to legalize it while Massachusetts has stood still. There’s no opposition to sports betting in the Commonwealth. The Senate, for reasons known only to them, have refused to do anything.

There’s still time for the Senate to do something. There are some senators who get it and are pushing for sports betting. But every senator needs to hear from people who live in their district.

The easiest way to do it is to send an email. DraftKings has a site all set up that lets you send an email in about a minute. You don’t need to sign up for DraftKings. You don’t need an account. Send a message.

Have your friends and family send messages. We want senators to understand that it’s the people in their communities who want to be able to bet on sports safely and legally. So, don’t be a lunatic.

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