Wicked Fall Guide

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Heading back to school means something so much different in 2020 than it has in year’s past. Due to Covid19, many school districts are relying on virtual or a hybrid model for learning, leaving parents with longer back-to-school lists than usual.

Whether your school is going 100% online or your kids will go in person a few days a week, here are some essential items to make sure they’re properly equipped for the year.

Laptop or tablet

Having a mobile computer is ideal  so your student can be on the move.

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Desk or table

It’s essential for your student to have a quiet space to work, ideally a dedicated desk where they can work individually.

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Having a quality set of headphones or earbuds, will allow your student to focus and block out any distractions.

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Now that masks are a daily essential, why not make it fun with logos, licensed characters or custom creations.

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Hand Sanitizer

Make sure your student is equipped with their own hand sanitizer.

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Dry erase board and markers

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Reusable Water Bottle

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Just for fun

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