Chase Winovich explains why he's such a big milk guy

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By Matt Dolloff,

Based on his recent tweets, Chase Winovich is clearly a huge proponent of drinking milk.

Right on cue, the Patriots edge rusher sat down for a video conference on Tuesday in mid-chug with a whey protein milk drink. It was like a gift from the dairy gods. But to Winovich, the real gift is the dairy farmers and cows across the country producing a drink that he feels is too harshly criticized.

"It's one of those things where I feel like there's a subtle war against milk," Winovich said. "And as an avid dairy drinker, I definitely enjoy that, and my Twitter account has become a bit of a beverage review account. But I obviously enjoy milk. I think dairy farmers do excellent work around this country. We need to appreciate them and the beautiful cows that are also milked and produce this delicious milk."

Dairy farming runs in Winovich's family. His cousin is a dairy farmer in Lancaster County in the Pittsburgh area - "Amish country," as he described it. He also took his affinity for dairy farming to another level in the offseason when he visited Liberty Hill Farm in Rochester, Vt., where he actually milked cows himself.

"I got the opportunity to meet all the cows and actually milk some - it's a super-dramatic story," Winovich said. "It was an awesome time. I really just fell in love with the process. Already had a love for milk. I've been tweeting about milk for years. I think I tweeted 'Nothing like the feeling of milk running through your mustache' a couple years ago."

Indeed, he did.

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Nothing makes me feel more like a man than when I drink a glass of whole milk and can feel it run through my mustache

Winovich isn't interested in doing any "Got Milk?" commercials any time soon, but he has built milk somewhat into his personal brand. He tossed milk cartons to eager students at Norwood High School in an appearance for the Fuel Up To Play 60 program. He also partnered with New England Dairy to be their official FUTP60 ambassador.

As hardcore as Winovich is about milk and dairy farming, he's been having fun with it as well. He's poured out a glass of milk as a tribute to his teammates who opted out, and started a debate over whether almond milk actually counts as milk.

But, based on his commentary on milk in general, Winovich certainly feels there is too much debate and controversy surrounding milk and its nutritional value. He's a physical specimen and world-class athlete, so milk obviously hasn't slowed him down. He would probably tell you it's done his body good.

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