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New England Patriots tight end Devin Asiasi steps on the field before the start of an NFL football training camp practice, Sunday, Aug. 23, 2020, in Foxborough, Mass. (AP Photo/Steven Senne, Pool)

By Alex Barth,

Spending 20 years in the same job, your reputation will start to proceed you. Spend that time at the top of your field, even more so.

That’s the case for Bill Belichick. Just about any time a player joins the Patriots, one of the first questions is something along the lines up ‘is playing for Bill Belichick like what you expected?’ You can set your watch to it.

For Patriots rookie tight end Devin Asiasi, the reputation of Belichick and the Patriots presents a motivational tool. Asked the typical Belichick question Monday afternoon, Asiasi told reporters “I kind of had the impression that he was a hardworking coach. Holds his players to a high standard, high expectation. I think this organization is a reflection of that. Coming in, I’m just tying to put my best foot forward, hold myself to those high standards  that he holds his players to.”

The UCLA product also had praise for the Patriots assistants. When asked about learning the playbook, he told reporters, “[Tight ends] Coach [Nick] Caley and coach [Josh] McDaniels do a great job of helping us out and making us sure that we’re getting everything right.”

Even among high expectations, Asiasi has been thriving. He put together a strong day receiving and blocking on Monday, and seems to be in the drivers seat for the TE1 spot when the season begins. Perhaps that success can be attributed to a trait often coveted by the Patriots – being able to have fun in the face of pressure.

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“It’s definitely been fun for me,” the third-round pick said when asked about the training camp experience as a whole. “A good experience being the first training camp for myself. Just trying to welcome in any challenge the coaches give me and keep pushing forward.”

For the last week, Asiasi has done all of the right things on the field, and now he’s saying the right things off the field. Can he carry it over to the regular season? We’ll see soon enough.

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