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In July, one of the most beloved brands in gaming announced a return. G4, a TV network specifically catered to gamers, respawned unto social media to the elation of gamers everywhere. G4TV was known for its gaming variety shows like X-Play and Attack of The Show. But do those shows hold the same weight with Gen Z as it does for millennials?

Coming back For Whom?

When G4 merged with Tech TV in 2004. It brought with it a massive media brand that hoped to legitimize gaming as a brand. During its run, it helped propel the careers of many personalities such as Olivia Munn, Chris Hardwick, and Geoff Keighley. Its hosts and shows became a legend among millennial gamers and helped solidify gaming as a true multimedia industry. But since G4’s demise, the internet pushed gaming forward. Sites like YouTube, JustinTV, and others helped usher in a new form of gaming content. “Let’s Plays” and gaming streaming. With a new generation now used to getting all of their content on-demand, we were curious to ask a Gen Z’er just how did they perceive G4’s return.

Here is what our co-host and Gen Z representative, Jacob Brothers, had to say about G4’s comeback.

I think a lot of these media outlets, like Giant Bomb or companies like that is also very good about streaming. And so I think in the modern era, for G4 to do well, those personalities would also have to have a live streaming aspect, be it if it’s like we’re playing this game today or on Tuesdays, we’re going to do “blank” for the viewers. It’s going to have to be a much more community-engaged than that of the early 2000s TV mentality of we’re over here, the viewers are over there and they’re not really going to be able to talk to us. Because now we’re in a very communication heavy medium.

Jacob On How G4TV Wins With Young Viewers


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