New England Patriots

By Matt Dolloff,

Cam Newton arrived at Logan Airport for the first time as a member of the Patriots on Wednesday. He also got his first glimpse of the gaggle of cameras and microphones that will flood his personal space fairly often.

It’s a necessary reality, particularly from a group as pugnacious as us here in New England. With an engaged fanbase and frequently combative media corps comes a lot of attention. Newton aims to be the guy who succeeds Tom Brady in New England, and also he’s Cam Newton, so obviously he’s going to have the media in his face the second he grabs his bags at Logan.

Based on the video clips from local outlets, Newton seemed to handle it well. “No disrespect to nobody, I’m ecstatic, but I’m not talking,” he said, calmly.

New England must hope that Newton can withstand all the inevitable scrutiny. At the end of the day, every blog post, video, tweet, and Snapface is feeding into the same machine. Newton is established as one of the most recognizable players in the entire NFL and he’s been to a Super Bowl, so he’s somewhat used to this.

The key, as it often is, will be ignoring the noise. Specifically, the noise he doesn’t create himself. If he can block out the noise that doesn’t matter to him, clowns like us, he’ll give himself a good chance of shoving the football down his doubters’ throats every single week. His arrival at Logan is still just a small taste.

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