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Matt Dolloff and Ty Anderson are back for another episode, and finally they have some tangible sports news that isn’t related to COVID-19. They begin by addressing the “fun police” that are Felger & Mazz, who complained about Cam Newton’s excessive celebrating. Then they get into the Newton signing itself, the risks involved, and the potential rewards. (3:55) However they couldn’t go without addressing the latest with coronavirus in sports. How will media coverage of the NFL season be affected? What happens if a major star decides to back out of playing? And now that Massachusetts had zero COVID-19 deaths this week, will the state actually come out of this looking better than most? (24:36)

Plus: Netflix is releasing a lot of documentaries about evil people, but that’s nothing new to Matt. The guys get into the revival of Unsolved Mysteries, movies and characters that genuinely scared them, and movies from the 21st century that would qualify as “classics” alongside The Godfather and other great films. Not The Room, though (49:57).

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