Matt and Ty still have some venting to do about the events of the past two weeks and what it’s been like on social media since the death of George Floyd. (4:19) The Bruins put out a statement and a lot of people weren’t satisfied, but the guys agree that they did a great job. (11:05)

How much does Will Arnett make for those Reese’s commercials, anyway? Speaking of junk food, Twitter had an odd reason to avoid fast food restaurants. (17:31) Drew Brees gets himself in trouble with the Twitter mob, while baseball is just in trouble in general. The NBA, however, has done the best job all along. (25:44)

Patrice Bergeron issues a statement and the guys react in real-time. (36:22) The country is wracked by very complex issues that ideologues and extremists don’t seem to understand, and Matt & Ty don’t fully understand it either – but at least they admit it. (38:10) The Patriots have a fascinating season coming up in their first without Tom Brady starting since 2000, and if you don’t think they’re making the playoffs you’re crazy. (48:24)

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