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Celtics big man Enes Kanter is known as a huge fan of World Wrestling Entertainment. And he intends to make it his new job once he’s done playing basketball.

Kanter said in an interview with Shams Charania for Stadium that he intends to play out his basketball career, but plans to enter the ring once he’s done on the court.

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“I’m definitely becoming a WWE wrestler, for sure,” Kanter said. “I’ve actually already had offers from WWE. But [I say] ‘Hey, dude, I’ve got to finish my basketball career first. But after I’m done with my [NBA] career I’m definitely becoming one.”

Kanter has appeared on WWE programming before as a member of the Celtics. In fact, he won the company’s 24/7 championship on an episode of Raw last September.

former Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski also won the 24/7 title at WrestleMania 36.

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Kanter stands at 6-foot-10, so he certainly has the kind of size that Vince McMahon often looks for in his stars. The question is how much longer he intends to play basketball.

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