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As we move into May, the absence of E3 is becoming more noticeable. Normally by now, we’d be speculating on what the biggest announcements of this year’s show will be. Instead, we’re stuck wondering what major gaming event will be canceled next. Not content to just sit around, Microsoft has announced a series of streams this summer designed to show off the Xbox Series X. They’re calling it Xbox 20/20, and it kicks off tomorrow!

A Real First Look

The lead up to a new console’s release is always interesting. It can generally be broken down into four phases.

  • Announcement and speculation – Company confirms there will be a new system, no details, or release date given. Cue six months of wild speculation from fans and media about what it will look like.
  • Technical specs and details released – Company releases technical capabilities of the system and walks through some of what it can do from a developer’s standpoint. Cue wild over-reactions about tera-flops and other nonsensical speculation.
  • Marketing Demo – Company reveals more about the system from a marketing perspective, citing issues that will be important to the consumer. Our first real look at the system. Usually where we get a release date.
  • Release – The system releases and everyone complains that it isn’t done and doesn’t have any games.

Without fail, these four phases describe pretty much every major system release of the last twenty years. Tomorrow’s first installment of Xbox 20/20 should put us into phase 3.

What should we expect?

By the time tomorrow’s show is over, we should have a pretty good idea of what the Xbox Series X is going to look like. We already know it looks like a PC tower, but I’m referring to the launch lineup and game-play. Here are the two main things I would expect us to know by the end of tomorrow.

1. Some launch titles

First and foremost, I would expect us to get trailers for at least a few of the games that will be launching with the Series X. I would expect this to include the new Halo title, but outside of that, I think there’s a lot to speculate about. It’s been 11 whole months since we’ve heard about a new Assassin’s Creed game, so that seems likely. There’s also a good chance that we hear about Cyberpunk 2020, which may be a launch title.

2. Launch date and price point

This is where Microsoft has to be nervous. We still haven’t gotten these details from Sony about the PS5. Last time Microsoft decided to announce the price and release specs of their console first, Sony made them pay for it. Will they risk Sony getting to pull their pants down and do the helicopter dance again? I think this stream tomorrow is an indication that they’re willing to roll the dice. We’ve heard a lot of conflicting reports on the price point of the PS5 and Microsoft must feel confidant they’re going to be competitive.

Where to watch

If you want to tune in, you’ve got plenty of viewing options. The first Xbox 20/20 stream is scheduled to kick off at 11 AM eastern time tomorrow morning. If you want to check it out, you can watch on Twitch, Mixer, Twitter, Youtube, and Facebook.

And if you’d rather just wait and have someone else break it down for you, you can always check out our website after the stream! We’ll be covering and giving opinions on it! See you tomorrow!

What’s New At CheckpointXP?

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