Tom Brady and Peyton Manning to join Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson for 2-on-2 golf competition

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By Matt Dolloff,

Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson are here to rescue a starved sporting universe. As a relief effort against the COVID-19 pandemic, the pair will once again square off in a 2-on-2 golf matchup.

That's right. Two-on-two. Who's joining them? Tom Brady and Peyton Manning.

What would sound like a fantasy scenario from the mind of someone who just sparked a fat blunt in the throes of quarantine is actually a reality. Fox Sports' Robert Lusetich first reported that he was hearing Tiger-Phil II would happen again, and also mentioned that Brady and Manning were being discussed to join them. CNBC's Jabari Young confirmed the report on Wednesday.

Mickelson beat Woods in their first matchup in 2018, winning the $9 million prize. This time, it sounds like all of the proceeds will benefit efforts to aid those in need of help during the coronavirus outbreak. The contest will take place without fans and a minimal production crew, with the four contestants maintaining a 6-foot social distancing policy. Seems quite feasible.

It'll be Mickelson and Brady vs. Woods and Manning. Considering Manning's propensity to come up short in big games compared to his counterpart, putting Brady and Woods on the same team probably would've been unfair.

However! In the five playoff meetings between Brady and Manning's teams, Manning ultimately came out on top 3-2. So perhaps you will give Manning the edge in the golf department for that reason. And to be fair, Manning is actually kind of nasty at golf.

If this shot from the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am is any indication (yes, Brady would have dropped it straight in the hole):

Fore Play on Twitter

Brady would have sunk this

However, Brady himself made a great point when this video came out on Twitter. Manning has had much more time to work on his golf game since retiring after the 2015 season.

Now it sounds like the two are actually going to compete in golf in real life. If it actually happens in May, as the CNBC report suggests, then the whole sports world will be watching. The hell else are we going to do at that point?

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