Boston Red Sox

By Alex Barth,

If an investigation is completed, but no public report has been released, does it make a sound? Such is the state of baseball’s investigation into the Red Sox right now.

MLB commissioner Rob Manfred joined ESPN’s Scott Van Pelt Wednesday night night on what was supposed to be the eve of Opening Day.

Manfred gave an update on the big story of the offseason, the cheating scandal, which included a progress report on the league’s fact finding mission on the Boston Red Sox:

“We are done with the [Red Sox] investigation. There’s been a delay in terms of producing a written report because, frankly, I have not had time to turn to it with the other issues. But we will get a Boston report out before we resume play.”

This is not the first time Manfred has put a due date on the Sox report. Back in January he said the investigation would be done before the team met for Spring Training. Then it was before any Spring Training games would be played. Another update a few days later put the release of the report before Opening Day, a.k.a this Thursday.

With baseball season delayed indefinitely, it should be easier for Manfred to stick to his timeline this time around. Once the league executives figure out how and when they will proceed with this season, he should have time to sit down and write up his report.

The MLB investigation into the Red Sox began on Jan. 7. Seventy-nine days ago.

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