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By Alex Barth,

It feels safe to say Deshaun Watson isn’t happy in Houston.

Last week, the Texans traded away Watson’s top target DeAndre Hopkins for next to nothing. This was followed by reports that Bill O’Brien hasn’t exactly gotten along with many of the Texans players.

This left many wondering if Watson’s time in Houston could be coming to an end. The 2017 12th-overall pick is entering the final concrete year of his rookie contract, with a team option for 2021.

While Houston could franchise Watson that still wouldn’t guarantee a long-term deal, and Watson could still hold out in the short term. An ultimatum of “it’s me or him (O’Brien)” at the bargaining table with the Texans brass doesn’t seem too far-fetched given what we’ve seen in the past year and learned about the inner workings of the organization over the last week.

Watson’s displeasure was just a rumor until Monday morning, when the  24-year-old quarterback tweeted

i don’t know how i’ma make it out of here clean.

can’t even keep track of who plays for the other team..

iconic duos rip and split at the seams

Those are lyrics from the Drake song ‘Emotionless’ but they feel pretty relevant to Watson’s situation right now.

That led to much speculation about Watson, including this tweet from Bleacher Report’s Tyler Conway, which was later liked by Watson himself.

In the midst of all of this, Watson changed his Twitter bio to include the line “For Football Inquiries Contact: @DavidMulugheta”

David Mulugheta is Watson’s agent.

Of course, the Patriots or any other team couldn’t contact Watson’s agent out of the blue due to the NFL’s tampering policy. Still, it looks like Watson is thinking about his text football home.

We all lived through #BradyWatch, now get ready for #WatsonWatch.

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