Boston Bruins

Matt Dolloff and Ty Anderson are talking coronavirus and the latest in Boston sports on the newest edition of the Sports Hub Sidelines podcast. Coronavirus is beginning to sweep the sports world with cancellations and drastic safety measures. Are empty arena games coming to Boston? (6:07-14:36) Coronavirus is also leading to restrictive media policies, which sparked a fresh debate between journalists and fans who hate them unconditionally (14:36-20:57). WWE did empty arenas before it was cool (20:57-22:51). The guys are intrigued by some of the more ridiculous coronavirus conspiracy theories being thrown out there (22:51-25:41).

Finally they transition to the Bruins’ last two games, which were eventful to say the least. Tuukka Rask had a bad game then bounced back, but the guys in front of him still have issues to figure out before the playoffs (25:41-39:44). Matt is irrationally worried about the “President’s Trophy curse” with the Bruins, who are currently running away with it (39:44-44:07). The guys get back to more Bruins talk after they’re accidentally interrupted (44:07-48:01). Rob Gronkowski is reportedly signing with WWE and Matt & Ty have thoughts on how that might work out (48:01-57:44). Closing thoughts circle back to coronavirus and what to look forward to on the website.

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