New England Patriots

Jan 28, 2019; Atlanta, GA, USA; New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (12) and wide receiver Julian Edelman (11) during Opening Night for Super Bowl LIII at State Farm Arena. (Brett Davis/USA TODAY Sports)

By Ty Anderson,

Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman is smarter than most.

Sitting courtside with Tom Brady (and Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon) at Saturday’s college basketball game between UNC-Syracuse, Edelman used the ESPN’s broadcast shot of the trio to apparently say, “He’s coming back. He’s coming back.”

Edelman’s comments, while lacking a straight-up point at the 42-year-old and pending free agent to his right, were obvious.

It’s no secret that Edelman wants to see Brady back in Foxborough for 2020 and beyond, and that anything said or done is going to be psychoanalyzed to absurd degrees between now and Brady signing on the dotted line. But Edelman also knows that it’s in his best interest to do whatever he can to encourage Brady to stay with the Patriots, so going on camera and saying that Brady’s coming back is the perfect way to hype all of us up for Brady Watch coming to a (merciful) end.

And they were met with a Brady smirk and slow look towards a grinning Edelman. Brady looked somewhat uncomfortable, as if he wanted to nudge his go-to target and tell him to shut up. Or, in other words, it means absolutely nothing.

Hell, I’m surprised there’s not somebody out there trying to connect Brady to the Bills after spending a Saturday in Syracuse.

Just another day.

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