Wilder-Fury II: Check out Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury's greatest hits (Video)

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By Matt Dolloff, 985TheSportsHub.com

If you're at all a fan of professional fighting (or gambling on it), you have plans for Saturday night around midnight ET.

That's when WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder and lineal heavyweight champ Tyson Fury will clash for their second bout, after their epic first battle ended in a controversial draw. It's the biggest fight of the year and for good reason. Both Wilder and Fury are world-class fighters at the top of the heavyweight class, clashing styles of boxers, and magnetic personalities to boot. The first fight was filled with drama and there should be more of it on Saturday.

Whether you're reintroducing yourself to heavyweight boxing, only getting started, or just want to re-live the best of these two combatants, the below highlights are worth rattling off tog et hyped for Wilder-Fury II. Check out some of Wilder's best knockouts and Fury's greatest moments in his career. There's a bit of everything.

Wilder knocks down Fury, and Fury rises from the dead

Deontay Wilder Knocks Down Tyson Fury in Round 12 | SHOWTIME PPV

WBC Heavyweight World Champion Deontay Wilder lands a right hand and left hook combination that sent the 6-foot-9 Tyson Fury down for the second time in the ...

Fury earned the Comeback of the Year award from The Ring magazine for his recovery from a pair of massive blasts from Wilder in the 12th round of their first fight. For a few seconds it looked like Wilder had finally found the opening he needed to drop Fury for good, but all of a sudden Fury channeled The Undertaker and rose back to his feet out of nowhere. The moment was a showcase of both Wilder's legendary power and Fury's incredible toughness and resolve. Fury told Felger and Mazz this month that he expects to be the one doing the knocking down this time.

Wilder blasts Dominic Brezeale into another dimension

Deontay Wilder KOs Dominic Breazeale in Round 1 | SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING

WBC Heavyweight World Champion Deontay "The Bronze Bomber" Wilder delivered the 40th knockout of his career in devastating fashion, sending mandatory challen...

It was only a matter of time before Wilder, in a gimme of a tuneup fight, sent Dominic Brezeale's soul soaring to the rafters. The crazy thing about Wilder is that his knockout hooks don't even look particularly powerful at times. This looked pretty standard, but it went right to the chin and it was lights out for Brezeale. The sound is even more striking than the image.

Fury soldiers through huge gash to pummel Otto Wallin

Tyson Fury Vs Otto Wallin Full Highlights HD | 14th September 2019

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Fury wasn't at his absolute best in his last fight against Sweden's Otto Wallin in September. The best indication of that is a massive cut above his right eye that Wallin inflicted on him with a punch, meaning if the fight had to be stopped then it would've been Fury's first loss. Instead, Fury slathered the cut with vaseline before every round while he was cut, and it resulted in all kinds of blood. But Fury battled back and eventually proved his clear superiority to Wallin as the fight wore on. Despite the dangerous gash, Fury came out on top in a unanimous decision.

Wilder drops Bermane Stiverne in first

Deontay Wilder KO Bermane Stiverne in Round 1 | SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING

Deontay Wilder makes quick work of former world champ Bermane Stiverne.

Wilder originally won the WBC heavyweight title from Stiverne back in 2015. The two ended up having a last-minute rematch in 2017 after original opponent Luis Ortiz failed a drug test. Wilder was angry at Ortiz's inability to get in the ring, and he took his anger out on Stiverne. Clearly, the Canadian was not ready for the American's ferocious power. To be fair, probably no boxer could be ready for Wilder as a last-minute throw-in. But this remains one of the best examples of how quickly and easily Wilder can dismantle people.

Fury enters the Matrix vs. Tom Schwarz

Tyson Fury Dodges a Flurry of Punches

Tyson Fury showed incredible defensive skill as he dodged a flurry of punches from his opponent Tom Schwarz.

Fury has an aggressive punching style, but he's also elusive and nimble for a fighter his size. He's the heavyweight division's most electrifying technician, and there's probably no better example than when he dodged a flurry of punches from Tom Schwarz on Top Rank Boxing. Watch as he makes Schwarz miss completely and repeatedly, and caps it off with a shot to Schwarz's gut. That was essentially the end of the fight, as Fury earned the TKO less than a minute later. Will he be able to dodge Wilder like this?

Wilder crushes Artur Szpilka mid-punch


Deontay Wilder defends his WBC Heavyweight World Title with a devastating knockout over Artur Szpilka in the ninth round of their SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXIN...

Here's one of the lasting images of Fury's career so far. Artur Szpilka managed to make it to the ninth round against the "Bronze Bomber", but learned the hard way that all it takes is one clean shot for Wilder to end it in an instant. Szpilka here looks like he's well on the attack, pushing forward with Wilder backing toward the ropes. But just as he goes to attempt a left hook, Wilder rocks him with a perfect right - and that's that. Szpilka's hapless flailing is unfortunate. But he's far from alone on Wilder's list of KO victims.

Fury tops Wladimir Klitschko to take heavyweight titles

Vladimir Klichko vs Tyson Fury FULL HIGHLIGHTS Video

Vladimir Klichko vs Tyson Fury FULL HIGHLIGHTS Video

Fury first truly put himself on the map after he'd ripped through his first 24 opponents. He proved to the boxing world that he was the real deal when he won a unanimous decision over Wladimir Klitschko, who will go down as one of the greatest heavyweights in history. Fury's win was massive, as he claimed the WBA super-heavyweight, and IBF, WBO, and IBO heavyweight championships in addition to the lineal heavyweight title. Fury put his height and reach advantage to masterful use, and his elusiveness made it hard for Klitschko to get to him. Fury has had some serious ups and downs in his life and career since this fight, but this was his first major moment of glory in the boxing universe.

Who ya got?

Wilder-Fury II takes place on Saturday at the MGM Grand Arena in Paradise, Nevada. You can learn more about the fight in Alex Barth's complete preview.

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