Boston Bruins

The Sports Hub’s own Matt Dolloff and Ty Anderson make a maiden voyage of sorts for their new podcast, the Sports Hub Sidelines. After Ty gets a rant about Boston traffic out of his system, he takes a deep dive into the NHL trade deadline and why it’s only getting harder for the Bruins to make a deal (3:00). Matt talks about a satirical Tom Brady story that went viral and made a lot of people mad on the internet (28:15). Felger & Mazz do a live read in the next room and the guys go on a wild tangent about Dunkin’ Donuts, old people technology, and Nick Gemelli’s artificial heart before getting back to Brady. Matt goes over the key details of Brady’s impending free agency that are actually worth discussing (38:40). They also get into how the Patriots can improve the offense around Brady to make it more enticing for him to stay (45:25).