So Kansas City thinks they know how to throw a championship parade?

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By Alex Barth,

Wednesday was the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl parade, and let's just say they could use a little more practice.

Given it was the first Chiefs parade in 50 years, you can't blame fans for doing their best to make sure it's a great experience. A few even put out space-savers along the parade route to park. However, much like the parade, KC's spot-saver game didn't live up to Boston's.

Darren Rovell on Twitter

Interesting way to save a parking spot one mile from Chiefs parade. Also, this picture was taken in 2020, not 1820.

Tough to tell if that picture was taken for the 2020 parade or the 1970 parade.

On to the parade. Before the festivities even began, the day featured a car chase after a driver broke through the car barriers and onto the parade route. The chase ended with a pit maneuver in front of the entire crowd.

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BREAKING: Car chase ends in crash along KC Chiefs parade route ????: @Loganmoore00

As the parade got underway, fans looked for the best viewpoint of the passing players. While a tree may have seemed like a good idea at the time, odds are this likely-plumber will regret his choice tomorrow:

Rex Chapman???????? on Twitter

Homeboy fell out of a tree at the Chiefs parade with his ass out...????????????????????

At the end of the parade, the players had their turn to speak to the fans. It's hard to understand exactly what Travis Kelce was saying, but one thing was clear; he'd had a bit to drink.

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This speech by Travis Kelce is everything you thought it would be and more:

You figure with all this nonsense going on, it must have been a pretty wild day, right? Maybe not, based on a picture shared by the official Chiefs account:

Kansas City Chiefs on Twitter

THE SEA OF RED ???? (and more coming)

'Sea of red'. Looks like they meant 'See any red?'. Again, this picture was shared by the *official* Chiefs account. It's hard to tell what's sadder...that half-empty field or the grey 'bleh' city behind it.

The hero of the parade? This guy. Here's the definition of repping your team's colors "no matter what". Shoutout to him.

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Anyway, maybe Kansas City will get this whole parade thing right next time, when they win again in another 50 years.

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