Nov 17, 2019; Philadelphia, PA, USA; New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (12) looks on during the fourth quarter against the Philadelphia Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field. (Bill Streicher/USA TODAY Sports)

By Ty Anderson,

With a pivotal home matchup with the Cowboys looming, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady called an audible and held his weekly meeting with the media on Wednesday instead of its normal Friday. And it came with a more level-headed tone that seemingly did its part to get rid of the sour taste that came with Sunday’s obviously-miserable 139-word postgame slog.

“It’s great to be 9-1, but we just have high expectations for what we’re doing as an offense,” Brady admitted. “We’re just trying to figure out how we can do things consistently, with dependability, and guys are working hard at it.

The consistency, of course, has been the biggest issue for the New England offense in 2019. Brady has already thrown to a billion different receivers (many of whom are no longer with the team or out for the season), and he’s thrown for just four touchdown passes through the last five games after racking up 10 scores through the first five weeks of the season.

And Sunday’s showing in Philly may have been the breaking point for Brady in terms of his own personal frustration, as he finished the showdown with the Eagles without a touchdown pass and with just 216 yards on a 26-for-47 night. Brady even showed signs of some frustration on field, staring daggers at Jakobi Meyers and shaking his head as Meyers appeared to run the incorrect route on what would have been a drive-changing play for the sluggish Patriot attack.

But with six games remaining on the schedule, the 42-year-old Brady remains optimistic that this group will find its footing.

“Sometimes it comes together early, middle of the season, late in the season and, the only thing that matters really is this week and trying to beat a really good football team. So, I don’t know what shape it’s going to take this particular week as the game unfolds and you kind of see what the challenge is they’re presenting. Sometimes you have a great plan and then they change everything and then it’s – you’ve got to change everything and, it’s just the way it goes. You have a plan and you try to adjust over the course of the game but, you know, the goal is the same – it’s to, as an offense, go out there and score points and not go out there and run a bunch of plays and be ineffective. We’re working hard to try to be as effective as we can.”

History is on Brady and Co.’s side here, too, as the Patriots hit their stride late in the 2018 season before their running game took flight in the postseason and truly seemed to open everything else up for the at one point stagnating offense.

“I feel like the quarterback’s job is to do whatever you can do to help the team win the game and score some points,” Brady offered. “So, however you end up doing it – running the ball, throwing it 50 times, throwing to the receivers, throwing to tight ends, backs, whatever we got to do to win. I think, over 20 years, we’ve done a lot of different things.

“And we’ll try to find some different things this year.”

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