New England Patriots

Bill Belichick addresses reporters on Dec. 21, 2018. (Screenshot via NBC Sports Boston)

By Matt McCarthy,

Plenty of Patriots fans have drawn parallels between the signing of Antonio Brown and the trade for Randy Moss in 2007.

Now Bill Belichick is doing the same.

On his Tuesday conference call, Belichick answered questions for the first time about Brown, who was officially signed on Monday. But Belichick did not want to address Brown’s highly-publicized issues in both Pittsburgh and Oakland.

“I wasn’t in either one of those places so I can’t comment on what did or didn’t happen,” Belichick said.

When asked again about Brown’s disruptive behavior in his previous stops, Belichick recalled the same concerns that were raised about the Moss acquisition.

“That’s the same thing [the media] said about Randy Moss when we brought him in,” Belichick said.

Belichick isn’t wrong. Moss did indeed have some of the same questions about his character when he arrived in New England. He fit in perfectly in 2007, setting the NFL record for touchdown receptions by a wide receiver with 23.

Whether Brown has that type of impact on the field while not being a disruptive presence off the field remains to be seen.

“Well, we think he’ll help our team, but until we start working with him – part of that is actually having a hands-on opportunity to work with a player and see exactly how everything fits together and what we can develop. We’ll just have to see how that goes,” Belichick said.

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