By Matt Dolloff,

No matter which side of the aisle you’re on, no matter whether you believe the Patriots did anything to those footballs, there’s one thing everyone who followed DeflateGate can agree on: there was no wilder time in the NFL and sports media than this scandal.

Thankfully for New England fans, the Patriots have gotten their revenge and then some with four Super Bowl appearances and three wins since the start of the scandal. You can definitively say that PSI had nothing to do with the unprecedented success of Tom Brady and Bill Belichick with the Patriots.

The Patriots have been the result of putting the best coach and best quarterback of their era on the same team, in an era of NFL football where it’s not designed for any club to have prolonged success or dominate any given season. Yet here we are, in the (probably) closing stages of the greatest dynasty pro sports has ever seen.

And STILL! That didn’t stop Felger & Mazz from hammering the topic on a daily basis. No wonder Felger loves DeflateGate more than any other story; it delivered their best ratings books in the history of the show. There was still plenty of positives for fans to come out of it though, mainly the Super Bowl wins and the schadenfreude of seeing the disappointment in everyone who criticized or doubted the Patriots along the way.

Listen above for Felger & Mazz’s DeflateGate retrospective as part of the Sports Hub’s 10th anniversary. We promise, there’s some good stuff in here.

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