New England Patriots

By Matt Dolloff,

Eric Mangini may be something of a pariah in the Patriots’ culture and perhaps within the organization. But the former Pats defensive coordinator is still going to do what sensible people with brains do, and stand up to the insufferable Rob Parker.

In case you missed it (you probably did), Parker is at it once again now that football season is fast approaching. The Brady criticism will simply never end with Parker, who has become arguably his most infamous enemy in the national media. But intelligent sports fans know A) how great Brady is regardless, and B) how inconsistent and disingenuous Parker is with his Brady takes.

Watch above as Mangini masterfully destroys Parker’s latest criticism, which is centered entirely around Brady’s declining stats from 2018. Just one problem, though. Parker had literally just defended Cowboys QB Dak Prescott by arguing that his stats didn’t matter (not seen in the above clip). He doesn’t even try to mask his trolling.

Why am I giving him attention, you ask!? Well, it’s not like he gets ratings points for this post. I’ll gladly grant exposure to the popular Patriots-geared Twitter account @ftbeard_17, though. We can collectively laugh at Parker’s Brady derangement.

It’s honestly funny at this point. Parker can keep spewing his trash, and Brady and the Patriots can keep going back to the Super Bowl. Expect seven more months of this.

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