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BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS - FEBRUARY 05: Tom Brady of the New England Patriots reacts during the Super Bowl Victory Parade. (Photo by Billie Weiss/Getty Images)

By Matt Dolloff,

Poor Matt Harrington picked the wrong time to go at Tom Brady on Twitter.

It’s nothing new for the six-time Super Bowl champion and future Hall of Famer to face criticism on social media from NFL fans across the country. At this point, nitpicking and discrediting Brady’s incomparable resume and accomplishments is a tradition that feels as old as time itself.

But that’s not quite what Matt Harrington did via Twitter on Monday. For context’s sake, Harrington is a self-proclaimed Jaguars fan from New York and Florida. He also claimed that he doesn’t play the iconic Madden video game series. But that’s hard to believe when you consider how vociferously he defended his stance that Brady didn’t deserve to have a 96 overall rating, the second-highest among all quarterbacks.

His argument, though, is that Brady doesn’t deserve to be a 96 because … he can’t run?

Bold strategy, Cotton.

Anyway, Harrington continued to argue back against the official Yahoo! Sports NFL account, eventually claiming he could run faster than Brady and many other world-class athletes. Even if that were true, does that matter when you consider literally every other factor that’s made Brady the greatest quarterback in NFL history?

It definitely didn’t matter when Brady’s own account jumped into the conversation, committing the Twitter equivalent of a grisly murder.

And as if Brady needed anything more to win this war, he submitted some incontrovertible video evidence for EA Sports.

Well that settles it. If anything Brady’s speed rating is probably a little low.

It’s hard not to feel a little sorry for Harrington in this case, though. People have said waaaaay worse things about Brady over the years. Plenty more have continued to try to tear him down even since he joined Twitter, and were spared. Harrington was in the wrong tweet at the wrong time.

What Harrington needs to do now, though, is admit he plays Madden. No non-Madden player cares about the player ratings that much. And even if he hasn’t played the game, then why are you criticizing something you don’t understand?

Only then will Harrington have bent the knee properly.

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