Boston Celtics

By Matt Dolloff,

Kyrie Irving apparently doesn’t believe he has a big ego. That’s the implication of his newest Instagram post, which understandably angered some fans.

“Ego has no room between You and Me. We are One! I am,” reads the caption of the post, which you can see above. Just the latest example of Irving acting more like an ancient philosopher possessed his body than like an NBA basketball player. Many of these guys have egos anyway. It’s basically accepted. This guy claiming otherwise?

“I am.” Damn, Kyrie is deep.

Irving did little to prove to anyone in Boston that he lacked an ego over the course of the past season (“I don’t owe anybody s**t.”). He did a hell of a lot to prove the opposite. The lecturing of young players to the media. The subtle shots at his head coach and veteran teammates. The convoluted, verbose ramblings of a man trying his damndest to sound smarter and more profound than he really is.

Hard to like guys who speak and act the way Irving continues to act. And this Instagram post did him no favors. Some of the choice comments, presumably from Celtics fans:

“Weird for u to talk about ego”

“No offense but ur ego is pretty big”

“Ego has room between you and yourself tho”

“Sure had some room in the Boston locker room”

Irving will face plenty more criticism over the summer. He’s widely expected to sign with the Brooklyn Nets, where he would officially become their problem. A very expensive one. And with their glut of young talent, it’s hard to believe he won’t have the same counterproductive effects on his Nets teammates as he attempts to lead a team once again. Even while playing and living near his hometown of West Orange, N.J.

No criticism may carry more weight this offseason than from the Sports Hub’s very own Celtics radio announcer, Sean Grande. In a new tweet on Saturday, he highlighted all of the recent stories from both the Celtics and the Cavs about Irving hating basically everyone and everything around him. And it illuminates what should be an obvious truth at this point.

Hey Kyrie, maybe you’re the problem.

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