Boston Celtics

By Matt Dolloff,

Don’t expect the Celtics to actually take most of their draft picks this weekend. Take it from the ultimate NBA insider.

Adrian Wojnarowski spoke on ESPN (via Chris Grenham) recently about the Celtics’ complicated offseason, which is understandably headlined by the mysterious status of Kyrie Irving. Woj says that the C’s are “almost to the point of resignation” that Irving, who apparently has “ghosted” the team, is leaving via free agency. But Danny Ainge is still armed with three first-round picks (14, 20, 22) in Thursday’a 2019 NBA Draft – just expect him to use at least one of them for a trade, rather than an actual player.

“I’m told they don’t want to have three rookies on the team [next season],” Wojnarowski said. “You could expect one way or another at least one, maybe two of those picks end up somewhere else.”

Couple that with a report from Jordan Brenner of The Athletic, which says that multiple sources believe Wizards guard Bradley Beal is a “prime option” for a trade to the Celtics. Woj also said that the C’s have been “really aggressive” in the trade market.

Unfortunately, the first-rounders likely don’t hold much value around the league. Maybe Ainge can get a useful role player for one of them. Packaging them in a deal for Beal would certainly make them better but it can’t be terribly realistic at this point. Either way, it sounds like a trade is imminent between Tuesday and Thursday night.

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