New England Patriots

Toucher & Rich caught up with Rob Gronkowski at his football clinic at Woburn High School over the weekend.

Gronk tells Rich that he considers the Patriots Ring Ceremony at Robert Kraft’s house last week his retirement party.

“It’s all good. We had a big celebration,” Gronkowski said. “We had a big nine years altogether, and we all stay in touch, and it’s going great, man!”

“It was awesome, got to see all the guys again, Mr. Kraft just having us at his house, so thankful for that situation. He has such a great setup for us. Just the way he does everything, it was first class, it was a fun time!”

Asked if anyone has been asking him to rethink his retirement and return to football, he says he’s heard it from quite a few people.

“Yeah, all these little kids keep saying come back, and it’s great to see that,” said Gronk. “It’s cool to see that they’re huge football fans and Patriots fans too.”

As far as staying in Massachusetts and what’s next for the former New England Patriots tight-end, Gronkowski channeled his former boss.

“I still answer with the Bill Belichick questions,” he laughed. “I take one day at a time, baby!”