Boston Bruins

Listen above as Toucher & Rich call the Hot Take Police on a Toronto-based writer for NBC News. The author is David Alter, he’s from Toronto, and posted his story in the “Hot Take” section of the website. In a word, shameless.

The headline: “The Boston Bruins and Brad Marchand are bringing the NHL back to the Dark Ages”. It not only sounds like a tired take, but kind of an inaccurate one as well. Sure, Marchand has been up to some of his same antics. But to paint him and the current version of the B’s as a bunch of savages is quite over-the-top.

It’s even better that Alter actually compared their behavior unfavorably to the NFL, the only major sport that’s more violent than hockey. (Not to mention the off-field issues.) Here’s the passage that sends this scorching take over the edge:

“[Marchand’s] violent and immature antics on the ice — and the free pass they’ve gotten from hockey officialdom — taint the Bruins victory. More importantly, they tarnish the NHL’s effort to stand alongside basketball, football and baseball as the preeminent sports in the American pantheon, ones that elevate skill over goonery.”

The fact that the writer is from Toronto, yet there’s nary a mention of Nazem Kadri, is all you need to know. If Alter is so concerned about safety in hockey, he should look at his own team’s player.

Which only further proves that all he truly cared about were clicks and attention. So really he should thanks T&R for reading his work.

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