Boston Bruins

By Matt Dolloff,

The Blue Jackets’ first goal of Game 4 comes with considerable controversy. Unfortunately for the Bruins, Columbus’ Artemi Panarin scored just seconds after the puck bounced off the protective netting without the officials noticing. And because of how the goal went down, the goal couldn’t go to video review.

Watch closely in the top-right corner of the above video. The puck clearly trampolines off the netting and flops back on to the ice. Charlie McAvoy didn’t see the puck in time as it landed right by an alert Oliver Bjorkstrand, who fed the puck through the slot to Artemi Panarin for the finish.

Because of the language of the NHL rulebook regarding the officials missing the puck hitting the netting, the play couldn’t go to video review. Sportsnet’s John Shannon dug up the pertinent rule. It states that to initiate video review, the puck would have to “immediately” go in off the netting and off any player, or be “directed” into the net by the player who retrieves the puck, in this case Bjorkstrand.

A simple fix to this rule could be if it ends up in a goal or an assist, so Bjorkstrand’s pass could be disallowed. But because Panarin wasn’t “the player who retrieves the puck”, the above rule does not apply. Bruins fans have to live with an egregious miss by the officials.

This appears to be a rule that will be looked at after this incident. That won’t help the B’s in Game 4, though. The goal counted and the B’s clung to a 2-1 lead after two periods. But if the NHL is going to have video review at all, this was absolutely the kind of play that warrants it.

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