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Why read scouting reports or watch film when you can predict NFL Draft picks by chucking markers at a magazine?

Felger & Mazz have figured out the best possible formula for pegging the Patriots’ draft picks. Hold up the Felger & Mazz Big Board, and peg it with a highlighter. It’s simply the preeminent NFL Draft prognosticator.

The FMBB enters its eighth season in 2019, with an eye toward hitting on yet another selection. Only in 2017 did the guys fail to nail one of the Patriots’ picks. Amazingly, every other year has produced at least one name that ended up getting the call from Bill Belichick. To be fair, they give themselves plenty of chances to hit. But it’s still incredible how they only had one year with a complete miss.

Again, why do actual research when marker darts are more accurate?

Here’s who the FMBB has predicted in the past:

2012: DE Jake Bequette
2013: WR Aaron Dobson
2014: QB Jimmy Garoppolo
2015: DE Trey Flowers, OL Tre’ Jackson
2016: CB Cyrus Jones, QB Jacoby Brissett
2017: None
2018: OL Isaiah Wynn
2019: ???

The Pats have 12 draft picks in their arsenal as of Monday. Just means more opportunities for the FMBB to work its magic.

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