Boston Bruins

By Matt McCarthy,

Bruins and Maple Leafs fans don’t agree on much, but there is one thing that everyone can agree on:

Nobody liked this guy. SIT DOWN!

According to Chad Finn of The Boston Globe, NBC Sports said a problem with their main camera forced them to use a backup camera, which led to apparently the tallest person in the world blocking everyone from watching the action in the Leafs offensive zone.

“Technical difficulties prevented us from using the main game camera for a period of time towards the end of the game,’’ the spokesman told Finn. “The replacement camera had a slightly different perspective.”

The incident, of course, led to a litany of tweets, and the internet did not disappoint with down-in-front related content.

Here’s hoping all the cameras work for Game 7, and here’s hoping the world’s tallest Toronto Maple Leafs fan doesn’t make the trip to Boston.

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