Boston Bruins

By Ty Anderson,

It’s actually pretty easy to figure out why the Bruins won Wednesday’s Game 4 in Toronto.

It actually wasn’t because of David Pastrnak’s awakening by way of a two-goal effort. Or Tuukka Rask’s survivalist 38-of-42 performance. It was not even because of a 25-block night from Boston skaters.

It was actually because Drake decided to bring his cursed ass to Scotiabank Arena.

By now, the Drake Curse has probably usurped the Madden Curse as the most consistent curse in sports. (The Los Angeles Times actually documented the extensive history of The Drake Curse that’s haunted beyond just his hometown Raptors, with extensions out to Alabama to Conor McGregor to Serena Williams and beyond.)

It’s even hit the point where AS Roma has banned their players from taking pictures with Drake until the end of the season.

So perhaps the Leafs surrendering six goals in a series-tying loss was to be expected with Drake in the building.

Leafs head coach Mike Babcock, meanwhile, didn’t want to blame Drizzy.

“I’ve heard lots of things since I’ve come here, but that’s one of the craziest things,” Babcock said when asked about the curse. “The game is played on the ice by us. There’s no curse whatsoever.”

That’s exactly what somebody who has been cursed would say.

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