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Listen above as our very own Matt Dolloff and Ty Anderson discuss the latest in Bruins-Maple Leafs and the NHL playoffs, among other topics. Here’s a rundown of what they talked about:

— Both guys have terrible lefty golf swings. Matt is more of a golf guy than Ty and watched Tiger Woods win the 2019 Masters. (1:25-3:30)

— The guys react to Game 3 of Bruins-Leafs and look ahead to what they expect in Game 4. (3:33-14:55)

— Reactions to the Blue Jackets’ series against the Tampa Bay Lightning, which could give the Bruins a much different road than expected through the Eastern Conference. (14:57-18:15)

— Back to Bruins-Leafs. Will Bruce Cassidy mix up his lines at all, especially if things go wrong during the game? What kind of impact will John Moore have on the Bruins’ lineup? (18:17-21:57)

— Things veer into breakfast talk because Ty can’t get the smell of his microphone out of his mind…(21:59-23:50)

— More on Bruins-Leafs. A look ahead to Game 4 and beyond, as the B’s look to fix what’s hurt them in their two series losses so far. (23:51-32:02)

— Ty has a story about an interaction he had with an angry person on Twitter. Matt believe she knows the real reason striking Stop ‘n’ Shop workers publicly shamed Bruins legend Ray Bourque, and it wasn’t because he crossed the picket line. What’s the point of being so angry on the internet, anyway? (32:03)

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