New England Patriots

By Matt Dolloff,

If you’ll allow me to get silly for a moment. … I’m not above some good old-fashioned fart humor. As long as it’s not gratuitous, a well-timed or well-conceived fart joke can hit the ball farther than a lot of thinking man’s comedy bits.

It’s especially hilarious when the flatulence occurs in unexpected places, like on live TV. There’s nothing like a hapless host who expels some gas right in the middle of a take, whether intentional or not.

Noted Tom Brady critic Max Kellerman just entered that arena in resounding fashion. And you can tell that this one was intentional – because he tried to cover it up with a cough. Listen closely at the 5:50 mark in the above video – I imagine if you’ve made it this far in the article you’re willing to listen. Kellerman clearly gives us a fake throat-clear just as he lets one rip, while Stephen A. Smith doesn’t break stride with his yelling about the Golden State Warriors.

This is practically a work of art for Patriots fans. With the takes Kellerman has fired off about Brady for the past three years, the guy might as well fart into his microphone. So this video may represent his true form. Enjoy.

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