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Boston Red Sox

By Matt McCarthy,

The only thing piling up more than the losses for the 2019 Red Sox is the litany of excuses for the team’s widely disappointing performance.

Just shut up and win already.

The Red Sox, the reigning World Series champion and the team with the highest payroll in baseball, currently have the most losses in the American League. They are, by nearly every measure, one of the worst teams in baseball right now.

Find me one acceptable excuse for that.

You can’t.

But that hasn’t stopped the Sox from trying to excuse away their slow start. The act is growing tired.

First, the team has tried to suggest that the putrid pitching they’ve had to begin the year is essentially a side-effect of their grand plan. The starting pitchers, the Sox claim, simply weren’t going to be ready for the early part of the regular season due to a deliberate “slow build” after a taxing October.

Forget a slow build, there’s been no build for the Red Sox rotation. They’ve been horrific on a nightly basis and it hasn’t gotten better.

There’s no excusing those numbers.

Chris Sale has been the face of failure in the rotation. He has been lit up in three starts, putting up a 9.00 ERA and alarming the masses with diminished velocity, bad location, inconsistent secondary pitches, and a noticeable lack of swing-and-miss stuff.

The Red Sox will tell you not to worry. It’s the slow build. It’s all apart of the plan.

Don’t fret about his velocity concerns in Oakland. He had a stomach bug, can’t you understand that?

How many stomach bugs is this guy going to have? And why did it take a week for the Red Sox to mention that their $160 million pitcher was sick?

If you’re buying the stomach bug excuse, I’ve got a bridge to sell you.

The Sox were quick to blame their early season woes on an 11-day west coast trip to open 2019. Alex Cora said in Oakland his team was tired and worn down. The Sox traveled just over 6,000 miles in two weeks after the end of spring training.

Meanwhile, the Seattle Mariners and Oakland Athletics traveled 10,000 miles to and from Tokyo. That didn’t stop them from beating the bag out of the poor, helpless, travel-weary Red Sox.

Mar 31, 2019; Seattle, WA, USA; Boston Red Sox left fielder J.D. Martinez (28) drops a ball for an error against the Seattle Mariners during the third inning at T-Mobile Park. Mandatory Credit: Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports

“We just need to get back home and have all our fans remind us how good we are,” said David Price at the conclusion of the 3-8 road trip.

The Fenway Faithful weren’t ready to oblige the Sox with a reminder of how “good” they are. They rightfully booed this team off the field in the middle of the home opener.

Tuesday featured one wild pitch, two passed balls, three stolen bases (including a straight steal of home), another lousy start from the ace, and another loss.

It’s not the venue. It’s not the time zone. It’s the team. They are a bad baseball team anywhere right now.

There’s no excuse for that.

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