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CLEVELAND, OH – APRIL 14: New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft attends the 33rd Annual Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony at Public Auditorium on April 14, 2018 in Cleveland, Ohio. (Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images For The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame)

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The defense team for Robert Kraft continues to argue that police in Jupiter, Fla. obtained alleged video evidence of the Patriots owner illegally. Their latest claim is particularly nefarious.

According to a new filing from Kraft’s legal team obtained by the Boston Globe, police are accused of staging “a phony ‘suspicious package’ warning to be issued for the Spa in order to force an evacuation, so the [Jupiter police] could install hidden cameras inside several of its private massage rooms, as well as in the spa’s lobby” at the Orchids of Asia day spa. A section in the filing describes the police’s warning as a “fake bomb threat”.

Kraft’s attorneys cite prior cases when police used similar “sneak and peek” warrants in more serious crimes than the two counts of misdemeanor solicitation facing the Patriots owner. Previous hidden camera installations involved cases of terrorism, racketeering, drug trafficking, and other major offenses. They are pointing to these cases to argue why installing cameras for prostitution busts was “constitutionally problematic”.

Jupiter police originally described their investigation as intended to stop a human trafficking operation. Kraft’s team has also questioned the existence of human trafficking in the case at all. Kraft was not charged with anything beyond his two misdemeanors.

The newest filing is part of a motion by Kraft’s team to suppress evidence in the case. They argue that the video evidence was not obtained properly and should not be permissible in court. Kraft has already pleaded not guilty to the charges and requested a jury trial.

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