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Carat? Cut? Setting? There are plenty of choices to sort through when it comes to engagement rings. Here are a few of the jewelry designers that couples turn to when it comes time to choose “the one”—the engagement ring.

Hannah Florman

The Ring

When she was looking for pieces for her own wedding, Hannah Florman had trouble finding a jeweler she wanted to work with. Instead, she ended up collaborating directly with a couple of manufacturers. Soon, Florman ditched her gig as a lawyer, took some courses and met as many dealers as she could on her way to setting up shop as a private jeweler. Now, she’s empowering customers in the same way, giving them a Diamond 101 education, so they can make more informed decisions about which stone to pick. “For each client, I source six to 10 stones that meet their taste and budget,” Florman says. For Tara’s emerald-cut engagement ring, Florman tapped into the east-to-west setting on a 14-karat yellow gold band, which gives it some extra character. “I find it’s most popular with clients who aren’t drawn to side stones, a halo or diamonds along the shank, but are still looking for something a bit different.”

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