New England Patriots

It sure sounds like The Year of the Comeback has come to a close for former Patriots tight end Martellus Bennett.

The younger brother of defensive end Michael Bennett, whom the Patriots acquired earlier this month, it seems that fans have constantly begged ‘Marty’ to make his return to the team since the moment the trade became official. A lot of that came back to the fact that Martellus and Michael had always wanted to play together, and that the Patriots were probably the only team that Martellus would even consider coming out of retirement for given his love for his stints in Foxboro. Patriots quarterback Tom Brady even made a case when he commented on Michael Bennett’s first Instagram post after being traded to New England.

But after a few weeks of uncertainty, with Martellus sometimes answering questions about his future with an ‘I don’t know yet,’ Marty took to Instagram to explain why he can’t just drop what he’s doing and start his third tour of duty with the Patriots.

“This is why I can’t come out of retirement. I would love to play ball with my brother it would truly be a dream come true. But my biggest dream is to change lives with my creativity and that is what I am currently doing [at the Imagination Agency],” Bennett, who recently wrote “Dear Black Boy,” began on Instagram. “These kids don’t need another athlete to look up to or to aspire to be there’s plenty of inspiration out there for that. I want to inspire the next wave of creatives. The storytellers. The engineers. The designers. The doctors. The filmmakers. The composers. Tech moguls. And maybe a few athletes who like me never felt like they belonged in a locker room.

“I was never one of the guys guys most of my teammates would tell that. I’ve always been a creative who enjoyed competing. I’m playing the game that I was made to play and it’s the most fun I’ve ever had. Scoring touchdowns winning a super bowl has never made me feel the way seeing kids/families/people enjoying things I have created. I’m doing my life’s work fulfilling what I believe to be my life’s purpose. I hope everyone finds something that makes them as happy and as fulfilled as I have with my work [at the Imagination Agency] I appreciate all of the love but this is waaaaayyy bigger than the game of football.”

Nevertheless, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Bennett roaming around Foxboro at some point this summer and season in support of his older brother. It just won’t be with No. 88 riding shotgun with Rob Gronkowski.