Boston Celtics

Kyrie Irving apparently knew what he was getting himself into when he decided he want to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers and lead the Boston Celtics as their No. 1.

Speaking with The Athletic’s Joe Vardone ahead of Saturday’s head-to-head with LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers, Irving talked about LeBron’s current situation, as well as his own, as both have moved on from their Cleveland days.

“The deal that I had to become aware of, that I was signing up for, was like once you become one of the most coveted guys in the league, you’re signing up for basically, like you’re going to be attacked for the rest of your career,” Irving said. “You’re going to be praised. You’re going to be brought up, you’re going to be brought down because that’s just the nature of the business.”

Certainly a topic of discussion this season, Irving admitted to falling victim to the ‘maniacal’ nature of media coverage in the regular season, something he’s talked about with Brad Stevens and Danny Ainge this season, but noted that remains focused on the postseason.

“It’s a little maniacal at times and a bit repetitive because you get asked the same questions about the regular season and we all know that, all that goes out the window once you get to to the playoffs,” Irving told Vardone. “The thing that matters the most is how connected you are as a team heading into the postseason.”

Irving, who sat out Wednesday’s win over the Sacramento Kings with a left thigh contusion, is ‘fine’ and expected to play in tonight’s game against LeBron’s Lakeshow squad that’s dropped four straight (and 10 of their last 13 overall).