Boston Bruins

Bust out Brass Bonanza: The Hartford Whalers are back in town.

Going back to their roots, the Carolina Hurricanes will don the Whale tonight at TD Garden, in what will be a continuation of season series of Bruins-Hurricanes head-to-heads featuring green not seen since 1997.

But not everybody is happy to see the Whale back in Boston. Especially those that live in Hartford.

My word, is that savage or what?

There’s also a good chance that NESN’s Jack Edwards will have a problem with it yet again and make it known at some point in the broadcast, much like he did when the Hurricanes first donned these jerseys over two months ago. For Edwards, the Hurricanes wearing Whalers garb is disrespectful if it doesn’t come with a complete appreciation of the franchise, which it did not in the mind of Edwards, as Dougie Hamilton wears the No. 19 the Whalers retired for the late Johnny McKenzie.

“Every time you met [McKenzie], you went away feeling better and usually chuckling to yourself. What a wonderful man he was,” Edwards said of McKenzie, a former Bruin and a fixture at Bruins games even late into his life, said. “Hamilton was traded from Calgary to Carolina about two weeks after McKenzie died last June, and they gave him No. 19.”

“And other players have worn it between the time that Hartford had moved to Carolina,” Edwards continued. “But a lot of New Englanders who were hardcore John McKenzie fans, and a few New Englanders who were dear friends of the man, take great umbrage that even for a day or two, because this Carolina team will wear these sweaters in Boston later this season, would have a number that is retired, which used to be a sacred thing, worn by another player, and a much lesser one at that.

“It shows the disconnect between the Carolina marketing department and hockey history.”

Hamilton seemingly heard of this, and decided to have some fun with it during Monday’s practice, turning his No. 19 into a No. 69 with the help of some white tape.

The Whalercanes won the first meeting of the year by a 5-3 final on Dec. 23.