New England Patriots

On a day headlined by Jason Witten unretiring from the NFL and signing back with the Dallas Cowboys, retired ex-Patriots tight end Martellus Bennett could be considering doing the same in what he’s calling the Year of the Comeback.

“Heard this the Year of the Comeback — ‘sup Patriots?” Bennett said in the workout video.

He then got even more direct.

“Yo Bill [Belichick], Tom [Brady], holler at your boy,” Bennett said. “You already know what’s up.”

Bennett’s love for his time in Foxboro and appreciation for playing for Belichick is well documented, and the Patriots were the only team he was willing to go to when the Green Bay Packers placed him on waivers during the 2017 season.

Bennett, who was injured at the time the Packers waived him, would go on to catch six passes for 53 yards in two games for the Patriots before those injuries officially knocked out of the season.

Retired for less than a year now, the 6-foot-6 Bennett then relayed a message to Rob Gronkowski, his former teammate and a player seemingly in the midst of his own retirement dilemma, telling him to hold off on calling it quits.

“Yo Gronk, hold on,” Bennett exclaimed. “Hold on Gronk! Hold on Gronk, your boy’s on the way Gronk! Put the Robin signal in the air, Batman. Let’s go. Put the Robin signal in the air.

“Robin’s coming back, Batman.”

The 31-year-old had two stints with the Patriots, and caught a career-high seven touchdowns for the team in 2016.

But before you rush out to go get some new Imagination Agency merch, it is entirely possible that Bennett, no stranger to having himself some laughs on the internet, is just messing with everybody in the wake of the Witten news.

(He even said ‘trolling’ before the video posted, so who the hell knows what’s going on?)