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Boston Celtics

By Matt Dolloff,

Kyrie Irving doesn’t seem interested in giving reporters their juicy soundbites anymore. Given an opportunity to express his confidence (or maybe lack thereof) in the Celtics, he swatted the question away.

Watch the full exchange in the video above. A reporter asked Irving after the Celtics’ 97-92 loss to the Portland Trail Blazers, “What’s your confidence level in this team going forward?”

Irving responded: “What do you mean? What kind of a question is that?” while shooting the reporter a puzzled look. The reporter shot back “A legitimate one,” to which Irving replied, “Nah. Next question.” There was no next question as Irving’s media availability ended after that.

It’s unclear what the reporter’s motivation was or what Irving’s true confidence level is in the Celtics, who lost their fourth straight game since the All-Star break and sixth in their last eight on Wednesday night. But ostensibly, the reporter was trying to get Irving to speak candidly on his younger teammates, being a leader, and other topics he’s commented at length on in recent pressers. He wasn’t going down that road again.

At the same time, Irving’s answer could easily be interpreted as “Of course I’m confident in this team, why would you even ask me that?” He certainly seemed confident with his succinct answers to local reporters after the Celtics lost to the Milwaukee Bucks in their first game out of the All-Star Break.

The whole exchange simply paints a frustrating picture of what’s been a baffling season for an underachieving team. Boston is left hoping they flip the proverbial switch come playoff time, because the regular season certainly has not gone according to plan.

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