New England Patriots

By Matt Dolloff,

Wikipedia is one of the Internet’s go-to resources for general information. It’s also a breeding ground for trolls to spread obvious and hilarious misinformation. For instance, the page for the AFC Championship Game was recently edited as the game in which a team plays the Patriots for the right to go to the Super Bowl.

Patriots linebacker Kyle Van Noy is the latest local athlete to get the fake Wikipedia treatment. Scroll down to the “Personal Life” section and you’ll find some familiar media faces in Van Noy’s “family”. Namely, he has children named “Michael Felger Van Noy” and “Anthony Massarotti Van Noy” and a pet parrot named “Max Kellerman”.

Since it’ll inevitably be edited back, here’s a screenshot:

(Screenshot via Wikipedia)

The page references the afternoon show here at 98.5 The Sports Hub, in which the hosts unfairly took shots at Van Noy’s personal character earlier in the 2018 season. Kellerman, meanwhile, has become arguably the No. 1 enemy of Patriots fans in the national media for his constant criticism of Tom Brady and doubting of the Patriots’ chances to win the Super Bowl.

Van Noy seized the opportunity to go back at Kellerman himself in a recent appearance on ESPN’s “First Take”. He’s a frequent guest on 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Zolak & Bertrand and has mocked the afternoon hosts as “Feljer and Mozz” in his interviews. Felger himself said during Super Bowl week that they “have to” bring him on at some point.

Van Noy has been everywhere since the Pats won Super Bowl LIII over the Rams, so maybe a spot with Felger & Mazz could happen down the road. It would be must-hear radio for those who want to hear Mike & Tony get their 30 lashes.

Actually, maybe all is well now that he’s a Super Bowl champion again.

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