Boston Bruins

By Matt Dolloff,

Notice anything missing in the above graphic? If you’re a Bruins fan you certainly did.

FOX Sports did their damndest to give Boston credit for being the “City of Champions”. And it is. The past two decades have brought an absurd level of success for all four major sports teams. Just one problem: FOX Sports only credited three of the four. They just forgot the Bruins existed for a moment.

It’s especially annoying – perhaps insulting – to Bruins fans that the B’s actually won more recently than the Celtics, who last won the NBA Finals in 2008. The Bruins beat the Vancouver Canucks in 2011 to hoist their first Stanley Cup since 1972, and went to another Cup Final in 2013 just as the C’s started rebuilding.

All good, though. I fixed it for them.

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