New England Patriots

Former Panthers and Ravens receiver Steve Smith Sr. stopped by Radio Row to chat with Toucher & Rich on Friday.

Smith detailed how he nearly became a Patriot toward the tail end of his 16-year NFL career, but said he decided on playing in Baltimore to avoid uprooting his family.

Smith also talked about his history of jawing with opponents and getting into scraps with other players. He touched on his relationship with former Patriots cornerback Aqib Talib, saying he “professionally disliked” Talib, but personally liked him.

“The game has changed now. Guys are friends,” Smith said. “I grew up in an era of football where you were not friends.”

The longtime receiver said Julian Edelman is one of his favorite players in the game and called him one of the best slot receivers in the history of the NFL.

“I love him,” Smith said, before saying Edelman has put together a Hall of Fame career.

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