New England Patriots

Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce wouldn’t mind if the NFL changed the overtime rules to allow each team to possess the ball at least once.

Kelce joined Felger & Mazz on Radio Row Thursday and shared his thoughts on the AFC Championship Game in Kansas City two weeks ago. The Patriots pulled off a fourth quarter comeback, won the overtime coin toss, and beat the Chiefs on the first possession.

“If it was the other way around, if Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs win the toss they go down and score a touchdown we’re not talking about ‘Oh, Brady should’ve got a chance,’” Kelce said. “Everyone in America wanted to see Patrick Mahomes be a legend in that moment.”

Felger asked Kelce if he thought he lost on a coin flip.

“Yes,” the Chiefs tight end responded.

“It’s a cool discussion to have,” Kelce said of the proposals to change the overtime rules. “I think it’s a little more fair.”

You can watch Kelce’s full comments below: